There are things that are worth being faithful to. Coffee, for example.
John Galsworthy

During centuries people admire coffee, the way it tastes, the way it smells. Atmosphere of small morning coffee break became a beautiful tradition, ritual for the majority of people. It is a several minutes pause to slow down and enjoy, take a deep breath, find the beauty around, live this moment. It can be a moment of joy for a couple after their first night together or a moment of silence for a young mother that had a restless sleep, it can be a moment of relax for a busy office worker on his way to office, it can be a moment of sharing and communication for old ladies in cafe. But anyway coffee became a pleasure available for everyone.  Legendary coffee Legenda gives an opportunity to enjoy this moment and to share it with someone you love. 

Packaging design and illustration were inspired by coffee related details. Color palette was chosen to be monochrome, to show the taste of coffee through the depth of color. Though a variety of shades was used to create a rich composition. 
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