These floral illustrations were created for Aynua Ceremonial Cacao brand and it was a big oner for me to be a part of creative process and to create botanic elements for the brand's new packaging design.  I tried to do them very natural, light and powerful at the same time. 
"Cacao in its purest form is now catching the attention of more and more people around the world, with its medicinal and heart expanding benefits. People are discovering how ceremonial cacao enhances creativity, supports holistic health, acts as a natural anti-depressant, and opens communication for relationship building.
Ceremonial Cacao also serves as a great alternative to coffee, activates the heart for spiritual practices, and connects you with the roots of an ancient heart wisdom. On this safe and grounded pathway, each human being can incarnate a fulfilling mission in service to the earth, and to humanity." ,- say Diana and Alku, the brand owners.
My mission was to show this concept in the illustrative way. 
Illustration: Olga Pylaieva
Photo: Aynua Amazonas
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